Lies , Lies , Lies and Propaganda PRESENT A Modern Adaptation Of “A CHRISTMAS CAROL”

*Please note that I am ONLY the producer and writer of this segment, everything is otherwise hosted and edited by 2SER’s So Hot Right Now Guest Presenter, Sam Baran.  Listen to Sam Baran and Bobbie-Jean Henning discuss more on the issue at 2SER FM 107.3 website here.

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Lies, Lies and Propaganda are jumping into the Christmas festivities with their rendition of A Christmas Carol showing at the Kings Cross Theatre.

Headlining performer Bobbie-Jean Henning plays the old grump Scrooge and talks about developing the character and modernising the show for a different era .

A Christmas Carol, Kings Cross Theatre, Kings Cross, Dec 12-24, 7:30pm, $30-35