Communal build-to-rent models could be a key to the housing crisis!

*Please note that I am ONLY the producer and writer of this segment, everything is otherwise hosted and edited by 2SER’s So Hot Right Now Guest Presenter, Sam Baran.  Listen to Sam Baran and Dr Philip Oldfield discuss more on the issue at 2SER FM 107.3 website here.

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UNSW’s Masters of Architecture Show presents feasible solutions to Sydney’s and the international housing crisis.

Dr Philip Oldfield is the Built Environment Senior Lecturer at UNSW and spoke to Sam about how design can assist in reducing climate change, the scope of models that feature in the exhibition and the perks of renting.

Masters of Architecture Show, UNSW Red Centre Gallery , Kensington, 29 Nov- 17 Dec, 9am- 5pm, free   

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