*Please note that I am ONLY the producer and writer of this transcript/segment, everything is otherwise hosted and edited by 2SER So Hot Right Now Presenter, Sophie Ly.  Listen to Sophie Ly , Ellen Gif and Andriana Carney discuss more on the issue at 2SER FM 107.3 website here

Thank you lovelies,

Lakshmi xxx

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 9.06.55 PM

Undergarments exhibition is an investigation and showcase of unadulterated and completely sensitive artworks focusing on gender, sexuality and identity  in a post-internet era.

Curators Ellen Gif and Andriana Carney gave Sophie the spiel on how they brought fabric and other physical crafts into the digital sphere and exploring the post-porn revival.

Undergarments, 107 Projects, Redfern, till 13 August, free



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