The Living Traditions of Aboriginal Aboriginal Astronomy with Professor Ray Norris

*Please note that I am ONLY the producer and writer of this transcript/segment, everything is otherwise hosted and edited by 2SER Breakfast Presenter, Nic Healey.  Listen to Nic Healey and Professor Ray Norris discuss more on the issue at 2SER FM 107.3 website here

Thank you lovelies,

Lakshmi xxx

DF23082009_  0068.jpg

Professor Ray Norris at the Darwin Festival & Science Week, 2009

Following in the tradition of NAIDOC week, Professor Ray Norris talked to Nic about the mythology and science of Aboriginal astronomy and navigation. Professor Ray Norris is an astrophysicist with CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science, and teaches in the School of Computing, Engineering at Maths at the Western Sydney University.

Ray discussed the relevance of Indigenous astronomy and how it is being kept alive through certain ancient practises, and stories, the difficulty of passing on these stories to younger generations.

Ray will be hosting the event the ‘Living Traditions of Aboriginal Astronomy and Navigation’ at the Penrith Sydney Observatory on July 15th, 7-9pm, be sure to check it out! You can buy tickets here .


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