Lisa French on Where Women Stand In The Film Industry

*Please note that I am ONLY the producer and writer of this transcript/segment, everything is otherwise hosted and edited by 2SER Breakfast Presenter, Nic Healey. Listen to Nic Healey and Lisa French talk about where in the film industry here .

Thank you lovelies,

Lakshmi xxx

sofiaSofia Coppola wielding the sword behind the screen


If you’ve noticed that only a few female directors, such as Kathryn Bigelow and Patty Jenkins are dominating behind the screen it’s because there remains an imbalance towards female representation in the film industry, or so says Lisa French.

Lisa French is the Dean of RMIT’s School of Media and Communications and chats to Nic about how women have progressed on and off the screen, the power of female film critics and even admits that though there is a slow progression towards the recognition of women’s achievements, the industry remains to be predominantly male dominated.


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