The Femme Power Playlist that Inspires and Empowers!

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Lakshmi x


Bitches break out of your moulds!


Ladies, International Women’s Day has just passed. It’s the month to celebrate women and there will be no excuses for a ‘bad’ day. It’s our time to rise up behind the bleak office desks, slip on our iron-clad heels and unveil the wonder women warriors that we are. Women’s lives are an emotional rollercoaster, so cancel your appointments and amp up the speakers and let this Feminist Power Playlist give you the emotional high you never knew you needed.

Lakshmi Krishnan

Let me guess, somewhere between the dreaded weekly office meeting your sales proposal got a brutal putdown from the ‘bossman’, and the home cooked casserole you ‘accidentally’ burnt in the kitchen because your emotional time bomb had gone off? Your heart tragically sinks into despair because life is on a constant over load of responsibilities, and you never tell anybody about it because then you’re complaining. So we switch on the defeatist mode and we lose.

That’s not happening again! Not until you experience the emotional high that will pussy-whip your ‘bad’ days into some glorious times. Set free your emotional bondage with the magic and music of these legendary feminist artists of the last century, to help kick-ass your day. Ladies, meet the ultimate Feminist Power Playlist of 2017! Beware, you’re about to get high.

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Rebel Girl‘ , Double Dare Ya’and Feels Blind are all acts of Feminism streamlined through Punk music. One of the most badass concepts I’ve heard off and the revolutionary Kathleen Hanna has done it all. As a feminist activist and musical punk rock prodigy of the 1990s and 2000s, Hanna is the girlfriend you always wish you had. Hanna pioneered the ‘Riot Grrl’ Movement, sang lead for the infamous Bikini Kill, Le Tigre and The Julie Ruin whilst battling Lyme Disease for six years. Now her music is your mantra, your therapy. If you’re angry or hurt and ready to start a riot, Hanna’s words bleed feminist power, pain and how to move past it. Hanna is a no bullshit lady whose music ultimately aims for female empowerment and equality, so if you are feeling exhausted for not being something out of  The Stepford Wives, breathe in. Repeat. “You’re still going to get criticized , so you might as well do whatever the fuck you want”, and later thank Kathleen Hanna.  

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What kind of people feel they have the right too feed us women bullshit excuses and lies and manipulate us?

Insensitive, entitled men with the mastery to pierce our lil’ hearts and have us trapped in a sadistic cycle of being used over and over again. PLEASE, let us break free! White Town’s 1997 hit single ‘Your Woman’ empowers us to “Never be your woman”. This is Girl Power. Acknowledging the light we will hold for ‘undeserving’ men and teaching us to have the heart of steel and clarity to walk from them. The most insightful music usually are the sad one, because they string together the poetry we want to let out of our hearts, but never do and show us the power to walk away from the nonsense, something ‘Your Woman’ captures ever so sensually.

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On that note, poetry and empowerment truly come in the form of lyrics and heart wrenchingly so with Christina Aguilera’s 2002 masterpiece ‘Beautiful’and Beyonce’s 2014 symphony ‘Pretty Hurts’ .I don’t have to explain why these need to be on the 2017 Femme Power Playlist. It’s true. Every woman is undeniably vain in some sense. Why? Because the world has moulded us to feel this way with the incessant putdowns and expectations concerning our appearance. Aguilera and the Queen B use their power to reach out to millions of women world wide and compose pieces you need to listen to , to feel reassured that “you are beautiful, no matter what they say” .

This ain’t no Femme Power Playlist without a further mention of the Queen B, leading women all around the world essentially to “RUN THE WORLD”. With our surging and united presence, we can and we will conquer.

There isn’t a doubt in my mind that everything she compose mythologizes women into Goddess’ and unleashes some spiritual awaking for bold ladies to power through the day. You’ve probably heard that music is motivation , well music by Beyonce is heroin. If you dread the mornings you need a dosage of Beyonce’s top hits to lead the day like a Queen yourself. Hit up;  ‘Run the World (Girls)‘ ,‘***Flawless’and ‘Grown Woman’to full throttle.


Be the queen whose wears PVC and Latex on the streets. Be the queen who shaves her head for the Cancer Council because no one else will and you’ve been aching to do so. Be the queen who  dares to go braless simply because she wants too and her life shouldn’t be trapped inside a wired bra or in the eyes of many a man , ‘she’s asking for it’.  Baby you were ” Born this Way” ,and if there is one woman who is constantly breaking stereotype and defying rules it’s Lady Gaga. Gaga screams individualism and carries no shame, this is a synergy shared between Gaga and her audience. So now you know, “Don’t be a drag, just be a queen…I must be myself… I’m beautiful my way”. Pearls of wisdom from the Lady herself. Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 6.23.20 PMYou’re a lady with a major narcissistic problem that you can’t seem to get rid off. You’re consumed with anxiety because you believe that people only care for what is on the outside. If the past shows anything it is this, women are your competition and a man’s approval is your prize. You’ve played the role of ‘someone’s inanimate object’ and the poster girl of ‘perfection’. You’re soul is breaking and the smile you’ve contrived for so many years can hold no longer. Don’t let it. Don’t feel your alone because Lily Allen’s 2009 ‘The Fear’ definitely strikes many cords. Riddled with sarcasm and a few heartbreaking truth’s, Allen faultlessly describes every thing a woman aspires to be and the fear that lurks behind it. Madonna, treads similar water with her 2000 sensation ‘What It Feels Like For A Girl. Needless to say Madonna’s lyrics speak for themselves and are saturated by many repressed feelings that only the pop icon could seamlessly articulate. Madonna, we are feeling you. All the way.

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Now the Femme Power Playlist is truly complete. You’re emotional life hack, or high. These music and lyrics are one’s composed by revolutionary feminists hell-bent to articulate truths about how women ‘really’ feel, and dare to break stereotypes that we often struggle to break by ourselves. None of these femmes are perfect, they don’t want to be, and they remind us to carry no shame. What do they do perfectly? They have the power and ability to construct a battleground for women. So we can fight our fight together, without the need to fit other people’s moulds. So the next time you feel like drowning yourself in a bottle of Merlot or flick on the Bridget Jones and sending yourself on a downwards spiral of self pity, don’t. Make this Femme Power Play your staple and amp up the volume. This is your catharsis.