Four Laws for Non-Bullshit People

 I’ve got no time to waste, and neither should you. With those full throttle days, everybody needs a little reminder of how to ‘maximize efficiency’ in life, i.e., CUT THE BULLSHIT. So I’ve pooled together the mantra’s followed by my non-bullshitting self , and others like me.Image result for johnny rotten i dont give a shit what you think                                               Johnny Rotten ( has never given a shit) – 1977

*for those that like context

Look this is going to be a lil’ brutal. Brash. Unadulterated as fuck and surely validating. But it is time to let go. Currently, I’ve being going through multi-layered states of unexplainable depression (or because …life ) and in a much needed escape have been getting my kicks from the ever reassuring words of Mark Manson, John Lydon and such. ( seriously these guys are better investments then vodka)

I guess I’m on that dreadful yet almost inevitable path in constructing my own values and identity because I’m a young individual and the world will ‘eat me alive’ if I don’t hold my own and grow up.

There is certainly a lot of pressure coming from all corners of the world to change myself,  and well , to get to the point,  the world tends to shit on people like me over and over again.  God it’s EXHAUSTING. It’s as if we are all just differing forms of a tragic hero at the end , having survived the vicious nature of a self – cannibalizing society.

In the wake of all of these prolific discoveries I thought it necessary to re-hash a couple of truths for your own safe keeping. Think of it as a virtual slap in the face.  “Enjoy or die”.

The Holy Canon for Non-Bullshit People (NBPs) – The Four Laws. 

1. Warning. Do not associate with people who aren’t worth it, just don’t.Literally walk away NOW.  You can’t take back time. It’s precious. There is no point in getting caught in the middle of mindless chit chat with self- absorbed , fake wankers who get off on ‘high school’ like gossip. There is a (massive) loop-hole for ghosting and that it’s perfectly acceptable to do so with arrogant friends/ family members, user’s and abuser’s and such. This has so much to do with self worth. There is no point in spending time with people who either don’t want to be with you , aren’t real with you or are using you. The time and values you hold are so much more precious than you think and these piss-pots you ‘choose’ to spend time with are sure worth forgetting. Have true and memorable experinces with true and memorable people because these are the times of your life. At the end game, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, you are all going to be dead anyways so no one’s keeping tabs. Right ?

2. BE HONEST. And I mean that in every sense of the fucking word. You’re doing yourself (and everyone around you)  a favour.  Say what you mean and be clean with others. This doesn’t mean you gotta hit hard on them, say it nicely and be the friend they NEED, not the friend they want. They will surely thank you for it later because there are so many judgmental fake assholes out there.Don’t ever try to stop someone from being the best they can be with false comments , that is ‘ironic cruelty, as opposed to hitting them with the harsh truth.  This is the truest version you can be, of being dependable and unfiltered. We live in quite a censored society, mentally and technically. It’s damn scary . However, when proceeding with truth KNOW the consequences of what you are going to say and if it does no ‘actual’ harm, then say it. Otherwise shut your mouth and walk away. Don’t lie. Lie’s, big or small pick and infect at all your susceptible bones, spreading the ‘silent lying disease’ .

3. Say ‘thank you’. We call it gratitude .When you reach a state of true happiness , passion or appreciation ,be it from an experience or person, just close your eyes and whisper “thank  you”,  just to yourself. Not to God. Not to anything. It’s doing yourself a favour and reminding yourself that life gives it to you good sometimes. This should be ritualistic. Another time to put this gratitude into good use is perhaps when life come down on you like a ‘shit load of bricks’ . When we feel negative, reinforce it with the positive. Reimburse your broken self with the memories and occasions that you were most grateful for, and hope for it to come again. This is called hope. Recognize that when life gets tough you remember the good moments , for they will come to those who work towards it. (I’m vaguely quoting The Dalai Lama here, but that was ‘cliff notes’ version . You’re welcome.)

4. The Power of Pain. Through adversity  we induce suffering. As suffering doesn’t last forever ( or hopefully it doesn’t) you triumph with empathy and character . This is good. This doesn’t need to be explained but I can’t help myself but to ruminate upon it. When we goes through failure and hardship it sheds light on our true character and our morals. How you work your way through failure to success is a painful process. When we experience pain it births a new found compassion towards others that have suffered similarly and thus a new found understanding of self. This is empathy. A quality so rare to detect among human beings these days, hence why we live in a so called ‘harsh’ world. At the end everybody just wants to be loved and noticed yet ironically they , themselves gorge on impersonality’s.


So…I’ve given you a motive to conquer the world of ‘non-bullshittery’. Make the most of every day. There are people out there who have REALLY only started living at the age of 50. This is not an excuse to be selfish , it’s incentive to start caring about yourself. There is a difference. Don’t set yourself back in a world of falsity and compliance, when can feel it’s eating you up on the inside because then you really loose yourself and the meaning of ‘living life’. Truly. It’s in your hands.

On that note: Watch Mel Robbins unload on ‘How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over’ . Maximise your life!