The world well lost.

Oh world.  Raining on our parade again. How we suffocate by causality, when our pleasure is for a world without consequence. Forgive us, we are hedonists and anarchists and we don’t intend to change. We know. It’s disgusting. It’s stubborn. We’re lost. We are from a different world and the despicable truth is, is that there is no ‘real’ escapism. Forever in this doomed cycle of life , our souls together, are stuck. We destroy, and we don’t mean to. If we had it done over again,we’d try better without all our faults. We’re always running but no one has told us to stop. So why you can’t you see anymore . You want change? Save us.


  Louie Van Patten

 The rigid torment of sociopathic values we never wished for. It’s a storm of bad people and bad decisions  that have made us like this. More so,we are hypochondriacs, we desire no treatment, thus don’t seek it.I told you we’re stubborn. Save us. This pain is too wonderful. This pain is normal. A narcotic. A drive. So invisible we could be screaming and nobody would notice, yet we are scared.