Goodbye My Love



I walk on to much a fire , that I must walk alone.


I’ll always love you. I always have in a way.

I’m still your girl, I always will be. But the one that’s at the back of your head , not the one that’s at the front. That, my darling, is saved for someone truly special, someone who deserves you , someone that is worth it.

Don’t waste your time on damaged goods. You don’t know it yet but I do. How can I support you , if i can’t even support myself? I need sortin’ out I do. So I’ll fix myself because you have given me hope, that normal ,ordinary human beings out there genuinely give a shit. And I might never win but it’s worth fighting for. So I guess I’ll die trying.

Thanks for being my fighting cause. Light my fire, when I burn out , okay?

So lose me now.


You’ve lost me completely.


sad girl.