‘ANDY’- The Punk Dimension


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The streets of New York were alit with the fluorescent city lights familiarising every corner. On Melrose Avenue, it was difficult, not to be seduced by the opulent letters that flashed strikingly ‘ANDY’. ‘ANDY’ attracted both the fashionable and the scum , who were placed geographically well away from his studio. The masses of the youth, who lived and breathed ‘ANDY’s’ every word in their burning anticipation, sadly iconised ‘ANDY’ to fatal obsession and infatuation. ‘ANDY’ was reclusive, sickly and deluded out of Generation Y by fashioning an art form in which the feeble minded youth celebrated this supposedly harmonious dysfunctional system that they lived in.


The numerous faces displaying caked on make-up, fading and antiquated, relentlessly longed for ‘ANDY’s’ arrival at the Studio 54. The crowds shockingly white dyed hair electrocuted the insipid by passers on the street. Amongst the masses, a lady like figure stood vivaciously. Her posture , naturally inimical to the meagreness of the crowd surrounding her. It was the eventual arrival of ‘ANDY’, that seduced Cherry Darling to her contrived cunningness. As ‘ANDY’ approached the decoratively neo-punk walls of the Studio 54 ,a brief surveillance of the crowd radiated Cherry. Her distinctive scarlet wig unwittingly lured ‘ANDY’ to approach her. In monotone ‘ANDY’ spoke

“ My usual disappointment from this crowd has now for the first time ever been enthralled by salacious soul that’s been calling out to me ”

‘ANDY’ spoke no more, and placed a diamond encrusted entrance card in her hands. As Cherry was guided by ‘ANDY’ to a small backstage room, her heart that laid dormant was now rouse , pacing anxiously within her being soon comforted by the confines of the room she was left in. Cherry, in an uncompromising smile endorsed the overbearing image of Marcel Duchamp’s antithetical piece , ‘Fountain’. It was as if she had finally been transported to some pre punk paradigm , a new world that as so familiar to her. Cherry ecstatic mind was relived with her encounter with ‘ANDY’ as she indulged in this transformation from average individual to someone with super human complex. Cherry no longer regard the pangs of jealousy from the masses that now failed to engulf her.

A minor explosion beyond the room distracted the vain Cherry as she was drawn to a faint sound of discourse, she moved closer towards Duchamp’s ‘Fountain’ and lifted the painting only to uncover a black door, cloaked with dust that ached to be unlocked. In a cautionary movement Cherry’s eyes were intriguingly lured by the multitude of oversized computers glued to every surface of the wall. Cherry observed a bald figure approach ‘ANDY’. The clinical plunge of a metallic knife into ‘ANDY’ , terrorised Cherry as she consumed the abhorred pain of being unable to stop the man. Cherry glared on as a crowd of bald men encircled ‘ANDY’ and began to dismantle the figure. ‘ANDY’s’ head was tilted forward in a most mechanical fashion that exposing an oxidised square chip. As Cherry squinted on she noticed a multitude of flared wires being replaced inside the figure. As Andy stood lifeless the extraction of the rusted chip for another seemed to motorize it. Confusion and disillusionment corrupted every fibre of Cherry’s being. ‘ ANDY’ , who’s cult infiltrated all of the youth was dead. A deluded, perverse creation of man and machine. A hybrid being motorised by these sickly bald men and on the surface of their head inked ‘ANDY INCORPORATION’.

Cherry’s was mind immobile and her heart brutally slashed by the deceptive nature of ‘ANDY INCORPORATION’ that so dictated her world and enslaved the youth much to drastically. Her decision to conceal this truth instead formed into a newly contrived desire. A malicious energy began to infected every thought of Cherry’s to a sickly urge. At the surface of her imagination submerged a thought most provocative and malevolent . Her now audacious psychology had the power to menace ‘ANDY’. Cherry began to sense it’s dying power, fake and controlled, her deluded psyche could foresee a grander role in the punk decade. The malicious mind of Cherry would poison ANDY and his cult . Her fifteen minutes of fame would instead be one of pain , feeding him a carnage. Cherry would be ANDY’s most memorable protégé through out the history of the Factory. To Cherry Darling ANDY was now dead.

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Cherry Vanilla


Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Fountain’ 1964