“you’re the piece of gold , that flashes on my soul… my high school lover” – air

And out of his mouth his long pervasive tongue, pink and raw searched for desire.

A pleasurable moan, intoxicating her mind as she tightened every sore bone in her body.

Her flesh was tender, vulnerable.

She desired him no less, her craved her no more.


She sat by the tree endorsing the insatiable pain of desire, loss, expression of mingled disappointment.

Her eyes shattered , sickeningly pungent with the smell of his cum , as he owned her, he left her there , waiting…

The reality of having been in the presence of men had deluded her. Reality had no shape in her mind.

The mindless self chatter deemed her so grotesquely infatuated with the make-believe she could no longer function.

What was she to society ?

Sometimes when we experience grave happiness, we have aftershocks of misery, because to be happy , truly happy, is to be miserable .

To manifest men and situations that we secretly all wish had occurred , but possibly, never, will…

Indulgent in fantasies, she will, once more look up at her God.

Lakshmi Krishnan