Introducing Lakshmi.

Lakshmi Krishnan


I’m Lakshmi Krishnan. The goth girl with an Eva Green infatuation, lover of Punk and S&M amongst other things. How stimulating.

I am a writer for Femme Heroine  and radio producer for 2SER FM 107.3 ‘s arts and culture show ‘So Hot Right Now’ with a genuinely unsettling attraction to anything ‘taboo’.

I’m an Arts/Media and Communications student residing in Sydney, Australia whose utter lack of direction in life lands her in situations and with people of absolute lethality, intrigue and lust to discover more.

I’m a self professed hypocrite attempting to solve all these moral dilemmas and thus write about everything wayyyy too openly. Oh, don’t worry I have my boring days too, i.e. , sitting at home attempting to drink vodka out of an empty Cheetos bag because I’m too lazy to get a glass. I’m completely imperfect and on that path of loving it.

Addicted to me yet? You can get a hit of me on dear ol’ Twitter  @lakshmivesper .

You’re presence on my website is a blessing. Join my cult.

Love Lakshmi xxx