Introducing Lakshmi.

Lakshmi Krishnan


I’m Lakshmi Krishnan. The goth girl with an Eva Green infatuation, lover of Punk and S&M amongst other things. How stimulating.

I create content for companies such as Femme Heroine  and  2SER FM 107.3 ‘s arts and culture show ‘So Hot Right Now’ with a genuinely unsettling attraction to anything ‘taboo’. I’ve experience and skills in online writing, broadcast radio, podcasting, photography, video and audio editing.

I’m a Marketing and PR student whose utter lack of direction in life lands her in situations and with people of absolute lethality, intrigue and lust to discover more.

I’m a self professed hypocrite attempting to solve all these moral dilemmas and thus write about everything wayyyy too openly. Oh, don’t worry I have my boring days too, i.e. , sitting at home attempting to drink vodka out of an empty Cheetos bag because I’m too lazy to get a glass. I’m completely imperfect and on that path of loving it.

Addicted to me yet? You can get a hit of me on dear ol’ Twitter  @lakshmivesper .

You’re presence on my website is a blessing. Join my cult.

Love Lakshmi xxx